Nic trained as a teacher at Goldsmith’s College, London and is currently Head of Music at Clacton Coastal Academy. He teaches piano for the Essex Music Services at Tendring Music School.

He has taught at Comerton Village College, Cambridge and worked as a staff accompanist at Colchester Institute of Music.

He obtained his degree in Music at the Institute and won the Canon Jack Award and the W H Swinburne cup in his final year, for piano and ensemble playing.

His services are often called upon to accompany local groups. We in the Clacton Choral Society are delighted that we have been able to rely on Nic for a good number of years, to accompany anything impeccably and at sight.

In rehearsals he seems to know what the conductor wants him to pick out before being asked; we appreciate not only his wonderful skill at the keyboard but his unassuming and modest manner.