We are currently about 50 strong; most of us are middle-aged or older but we do have a modest number of younger people and are keen to recruit more. Our annual subscription is £90, payable by monthly standing order of £7.50 or by cheque in one or two instalments.

Our constitution as a charity lays down that we are an equal opportunities organisation, which means that we do not turn people away just because they are frail or have a disability. We do not expect our members to be brilliant sight-readers, but we do expect them to attend most rehearsals and to work hard to learn the music. There are aids to this, in that we provide CDs where possible; members are encouraged to acquire the excellent recordings which are available from organisations such as Choraline (www.choraline.co.uk).

We meet nearly every Monday evening from 7.15-9.15 p.m. in St James Church Hall, Tower Road, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1DA. We do not have auditions and expect our people to be helpful to new members in getting to grips with the music.

We devote our main efforts to the major choral works but have started introducing some lighter items into our concerts, which are basically three per year, one in the Spring round about Easter time and the other in the Summer, usually July. We normally provide some sort of Christmas Concert or Carol Service and may also visit a care home to sing for the residents.

A recent feature has been the introduction of choral workshops, when we devote the day to studying some music which is performed in the early evening to anyone who cares to come along. These have been very successful, attracting 70-120 singers from the area.

If you fancy joining us, you can just turn up at a rehearsal if you like or discuss it in advance with our secretary June Fieldsend on 01255 677368.

Or of course you can e-mail us Mail: june.fieldsend@googlemail.com